Different Ways to Wear Statement T- Shirts

Statement t-shirts are always in fashion and you can find them at any store. You will always be sure to find a t-shirt with something written on it. However, you may think t-shirts are just for warm weather, well think again. You can style up your t-shirt in several different ways throughout the year. You don't have to just throw on a shirt and some jeans, you can dress up your look in several different ways.


If you want to add a little bit of edge to your style wear a blazer with your statement t-shirt. I have pulled this look off and I must say it does draw more attention to your shirt. You will definitely turn heads.

Tie waste shirt

I'm sure you have seen this look many of times rather if you are scrolling on Pinterest or seen your favorite celebrity rock this look. All you need is a long sleeve shirt, usually plaid, and tie it around your waist to complete your outfit.

Boyfriend Jeans

Wearing a more fitted statement t-shirt with some boyfriend jeans is definitely a good fit. Make sure you cuff the bottom of the jeans and rock them with a pair of heels to go for a more sophisticated look.


Of course shorts is a no-brainer. I'm sure we all just throw on a pair of shorts with our statement t-shirts and call it a day. Any type of shorts will work, you cannot go wrong with this look.


You can style your statement t-shirt with a pair of leather pants, leggings, or a leather jacket. Just make sure your shirt compliments what you are wearing. Usually black on black works best.


Rock your statement t-shirt with skirt. For example be fun and pair a tutu skirt with your shirt. This look is so vibrant and youthful.

Statement Necklace

Accessories are always a great addition to any outfit. Make sure you pick the right necklace according to the neckline of the shirt. 

Denim Shirt

Layer your statement t-shirt with a denim shirt on top. This is a great idea especially when it is not too hot outside and not too cold.

Bomber Jackets

Style your statement t-shirt with a bomber jacket on those cold nights. Bomber jackets come in all colors and patterns.

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